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Software Merops

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Merops is an advanced tool for the management of your portfolios.
You can easily track the evolution of your investments, giving you the latest available quotes automatically (delayed 15 minutes).
5 years charts history of your stocks.
Multi-currencies ( Euro, Dollar, Swiss Franc, English Pound). Risk management.
20 indicators of technical analysis (Bollinger, trading, Momentum, MM, RSI, OBV, NVI, PVI, PVT, ROCK, MACD, CMO, DPO).
File downloads from various websites such as Boursorama, AbcBourse, Quote.
Alert by email, sound, or on screen.
History of your activities (buying and selling orders, dividends, cashflow, split, taxes).
Flow 'Bourse de 'Paris', 'Nasdaq', 'Down Jones', 'FTSE', 'SMI', 'BEL', 'DAX', 'AEX', 'IBEX', ...